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    Vibro Acoustic Mat

    Welcome to Beta Testing for the Vibro Acoustic Mat.

    1. Connect Bluetooth:

    On your phone, Settings > Bluetooth

    Find "PE3W-BT" and connect to it.

    Note: The battery on the mat must be switched on (will glow red) before you connect.

    2. Download mp3 track:

    Download the following mp3 track to your phone.


    Alternatively, you can play audio tracks directly from Youtube if you don't want to download our track. Our preferred Youtube track:


    3. Play the track on your phone (it will play out of the Vibro Acoustic Mat if your Bluetooth is set up correctly) and use the volume controls to increase the intensity until you can just barely perceive the vibrations.

    4. Suggested use: 30 minutes at a time, 3 times a week. You can time your sessions 30 minutes before a task that will require your cognition (memory or learning) to try a direct approach.

    6. To charge the mat: The charging port for the battery is located towards the seam of the mat.

    Note: You may also operate the mat with the charging cable plugged into the wall.