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Your relaxation just got way better.

mylotusmat was made to help your body release stubborn muscle-tension. 

With multiple benefits for health and self-care, mylotusmat is a massage and health treatment all in one. A 10 minute session provides deep stimulation, improves blood flow, eases headaches and migraines, and improves quality of sleep, leading to a happier and more fruitful day.

How does it work?

Lay down on mylotusmat and thousands of acupressure rosettes press firmly into your neck and back, thoroughly relieving tension, knots and spasms in the muscles.

This is by no means a light massage. On the contrary, only a deep, powerful massage can activate your nervous system and promote the release of healthy anti-stress chemicals.

So not only are the health benefits immense, but the actual relaxation induced after a brief 15 minutes?

What an amazing feeling. 

1) mylotusmat provides maximum relief from muscle spasms and tension — leading causes of pain in the back and shoulder region.

2) Another common reason for back pain is inflammation of the muscle fibers. With regular usage of mylotusmat, the inflammatory process is diminished, helping to alleviate chronic back pain.

3) mylotusmat delivers endorphins — your body's natural, effective painkillers.

Did you know? mylotusmat improves your local blood flow, which saturates the cells with oxygen and nutrients.

When your blood is highly oxygenated, your vitality gets a huge boost, and you feel alive! It’s a daily reminder to show you just how good your body should feel. 

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