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    Bamboo Root Board by The Root Board

    Fulfilled by our friends at The Root Board

    Remember...how blissful yoga classes made you feel? Remember being filled with hope, strength and well-being after being transported by your teachers’ words of encouragement and blaring music, connecting with your yoga community, and of course, dripping with sweat? If you are finding it difficult to get there with your home practice you need the Root Board.

    The Root Board is the essential prop to make this your reality. It supplies the foundation and stability allowing your optimum practice. No longer is your non-studio practice limited by the surface your yoga mat is placed on. With The Root Board you’ll be placing your mat on a hard, flat, stable surface regardless of location. Carpeted Bedroom? Backyard? Beach? Park? Forest? It makes Yoga Anywherereally yoga anywhere. 


    About The Root Board:

    • Designed by Yogis for Yogis
    • Protects ankles and wrists from overstressing
    • Sturdy 12mm thick sustainable & responsibly harvested bamboo 
    • Two ergonomic handholds on both halves allowing easy transport
    • Durable 6 Coat Ultraviolet Finish that will withstand heavy use and remain beautiful for years
    • The only purpose-built portable bamboo yoga floor on the market
    • Measures  76¾” x 28½" x ½” (assembled), 40¼” x 28½” (each piece)
    • Each Panel weighs 14 lbs. 28 lbs total
    • Includes side clips to be used as needed


    The Root Board... is the perfect embodiment of form and function. It is made from eco-friendly and highly renewable Moso bamboo. Weighing 28 lbs, it is purposely heavy to provide a secure foundation to place your mat. Expect it to elevate your yoga-at-home sanctuary while providing the stability you need for challenging balance and inversion poses. The Root Board is meant for all uneven or soft surfaces, such as carpet, grass, sand, and dirt.  It’s portable, so take it with you on your yogis-in-the-wild (outdoor) ventures. 


    Care Instructions

    The Root Board is bamboo flooring made of organic material that reacts to temperature and humidity. Upon receiving your Root Board you can anticipate it will need time to acclimate to your environment. The Root Board is constructed with three layers of bamboo; the top and bottom plies are horizontal and the middle layer is transverse. This cross hatched approach makes the board extremely strong however, creaking or tiny lines at the seams of the bamboo strands are uncommon but may occur. Rest assured, the Root Board has been stress tested and, when used for its intended purpose, will last for many years to come.

    If used indoors the Root Board needs only an occasional wipe down with a moist towel. If used outdoors you may find that you need to wipe off sand, dirt or grass clippings. Do so with a wrung out wet cloth and follow that up with a dry soft cloth. The Root Board is protected by a UV coating and should withstand many years of use if cared for properly.