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    Ultimate Guide To Acupressure Healing

    This is the most comprehensive and relevant acupressure guide available today.

    "Your Newest Feel-Good Body Fix Ahead" - mylotusmat receives critical acclaim from Women's Health and Hearst Publishing, April 2021


    With this Guide, you can now use your mylotusmat with step-by-step techniques to discover:

    • The Secret of Making Sciatic Pain Disappear
    • Who Else Wants a Life Free of Back Pain?
    • Six Familiar Hip Pains—Which Do You Want To Overcome?
    • To People Who Want To Fix Knee Pain—But Don’t Know How
    • When Doctors Feel Neck Pain This Is What They Do
    • Have YOU Stomach Pain, Gas, or Bloating?
    • Thousands Now Reduce Anxiety Who Never Thought They Could!
    • Don’t Let Fibromyalgia “Lay You Up”
    • What Everybody Ought To Know... About Cancer
    • How I Improved My Memory In One Evening
    • Here’s A Quick Way To Break Up A Cold
    • To Men And Women Who Want To Relieve Migraine and Headache
    • How Much Is Insomnia Costing You?

    Author and inventor of the mylotusmat, Ray Xue has distilled his life work in more than 100 action packed pages. With cumulative experience from more than 40,000 client patients, Ray has an unparalleled understanding of what moves someone towards health or disease.

    With the information in this Guide, you can learn the simple techniques his clients used to achieve miraculous results both on and off the mat.

    This product includes one digital copy, sent to your email.

    Our Guarantee: If you aren't absolutely satisfied and feeling like the best version of yourself after using the 84+ pressure point techniques illustrated in this guide, let us know any time in the first 100 days for a complete refund of your money back.