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    Our mission

    To deliver the amazing benefits of acu-
    pressure to the world.

    We make pain relief convenient, quick, and side-effect free.

    Made for your body

    We developed the Lotus Pin design to contour the acupressure points on your body. This helps speed up the healing process.

    Full-body relief in 9 minutes

    Lie down on the Lotus Mat for 9 minutes a day to release tension and relax your back.

    Easy storage and portable 

    Any time of day, any day of the year, have quick access to powerful and efficient pain relief.

    We commit to the highest standards.

    We maintain strict standards to deliver acupressure treatment which is safe and effective, with no dangerous side-effects.

    Pain-Relieving Lotus Mat

    Made with the highest quality materials.

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    Lotus Mats

    Make pain relief easier with our body-friendly acupressure mats made with Lotus Pins.

    Lotus Neck Pillows

    Make neck relief easier with our ergonomic neck pillows made with Lotus Pins.

    Premium Lotus Mats

    Make pain relief easier with our eco-friendly mats made with buckwheat and coconut.

    Vibro-Acoustic Pillows

    Make pain relief and cognition easier with our Vibro-Acoustic neck pillows made with Lotus Pins.

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