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    Your Newest Feel-Good Body Fix Ahead

    Are You Ready to Finally Relieve your Pain?

    Works for

    Back pain

    Headache & Migraine




    Leg Pain

    Tension and stress

    Back relief

    Made to help you feel better.


    98% of our customers report a reduction in back pain, headaches, stress, and cellulite after just 9 minutes.

    "At first it was uncomfortable but with some deep breaths I sunk into it and fell asleep. I woke up and all pain was gone!"

    -Trish Riese (Boerne, TX)

    Headache & Migraine

    The Lotus Pins massage and release tension in your neck, a common trigger for headaches.


    85% of customers felt their headache reduced or even cleared after 9 minutes. *

    "Whenever I Get a headache, I reach for mylotusmat and immediately the pain begins to melt away."

    - Carol Lucas (New York, NY)

    Insomnia & Sleep

    The Lotus Mat relaxes your mind so you fall asleep fast. Deeper, more restful sleep leads to bigger and better days.


    95% of customers report improved sleep and energy levels after just 9 minutes on the Lotus Mat. *

    "I was a little skeptical at first, but I sleep so much better since I've been using mylotusmat. I'm completely amazed."

    - Sherri Koch (Orange, CA)

    Cellulite and Skin Tone

    Discover the celebrity “secret” to younger, smoother, and firmer skin on your thighs, butt, and stomach.


    98% of our customers report improved well-being and skin appearance.

    "I have had stiff sore muscles for years. My walking is slow and very painful. Since I began using my lotus mat for my legs, I feel much better, the pain is subsiding. I feel the outlook is very promising."

    - Pat Isaac (Saskatchewan, CA)

    * Based on real stories shared by mylotusmat customers

    Real Stories. Real Results.

    How Does mylotusmat Work?

    The Lotus Pin Difference

    Lotus Pins are proven to be the superior shape for acupressure therapy, contouring your body for complete revitalization.

    Better Blood Flow

    The fresh blood re-oxygenates your entire body. Bringing nutrients to your aging cells, and speeding up cellular metabolism.

    Holistic Healing

    Accelerating your cellular metabolism is like turning back the clock. Reduced stress, reduced inflammation, reduced pain.

    Real Results by Real mylotusmat Customers

    Over 50,000 customers partook in the mylotusmat Trial

    People of all walks of life have tried, tested, and experienced the benefits of mylotusmat.

    In-Depth Feedback

    We've asked them to monitor their back pain, neck pain, knee pain, joint pain, headaches, and insomnia. We've tried to make the results as statistically significant as possible.

    Mylotusmat Results

    mylotusmat users reported relieved muscle tension, improved and re-oxygenated blood flow, accelerated cellular metabolism, relieved pain, restored sleep, and reduced stress. A daily reminder to show you just how good your body should feel.

    Immediate and Long Term Results

    Mylotusmat users reported that even a single 9-minute use of mylotusmat creates positive long term effects while regular use compounded those benefits.

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